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professional partygoers

We are professional partygoers. We don't just sell it, we live it. We're at every bar, club, concert, party, pub crawl, rave, and music festival around. We always have our ears to the ground trying to find out about the next big event. And even then we found ourselves asking, "what's goin on tonight?" That's why we built SceneCheck.

We were tired of looking at hundreds of different websites that only listed events from whoever was paying them the most. We wanted an app that showed you the biggest, baddest events all in one place, no matter what. Whether it's Calvin Harris at Hakkasan, an open bar in New York, or a 90's pub crawl in Austin, if it's gonna be lit - we'll have it. That's what we do. We source virtually every event in a city on any given day, filter out the noise, and send you straight to the best stuff. Don't believe us? Give it a try.